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Evelyne Hebrault

Born in 1967 in Southern France and graduate from University of Montpellier, Evelyne Hebrault demonstrated a deep interest in Special Education and followed the training to become a Special needs Educator while working in an orphanage for a period of 3 years. In 1987 she joins a Center for Autistic children and participates in a study project about the effects of close contact with horses on autistic children’s behavior. From 1988 to 1990 she specialized in a specific medical field working in charge of a group of young children with acute respiratory disease in a boarding school setting. She worked in direct collaboration with a medical team to improve overall health conditions and maintain harmonious child development. She moved to Germany for 2 years without basic knowledge of the language and developed an interest in language learning mechanisms, working with a group of students at the University of Mainz. Back to France in 1992 she looked for a position that would allow her to maintain a connection with a multilingual environment and works for the European parliament in Strasbourg form 3 years. Through the years she has also traveled for extended periods to South America and has valued the exposure to diverse cultures. In 2002 she moves to the US with her family and takes care of her daughter while getting involved in the Public schools system as a volunteer with the goal to understand the school system and reconnect with her first professional experiences. Being a francophone family in a host country raises a new problematic on how to maintain French language for her daughter and make sure that the connection to the French culture will stay present. This is when she discovers EFGB, non profit association providing after school programs aimed to develop and maintain French language and culture. In 2011 she starts working for EFGB as an assistant and it allows her to reconnect with her first interests Education and languages. In 2012 she takes a position at the school P’tits Bouts which was at the time just one classroom in Medford. In 2012 she followed courses on Child Development with University of Phoenix and completed all trainings to become Certified Director of the school. She has contributed to the development of the school and continues to focus on language development but also on best practices with children and families.Today she is at the head of 2 school campuses, and leading the project for the school to become an authorized International Baccalaureate primary years program. Her goal is through implementation of an IB program to continue to progress towards a trans-disciplinary global education, inclusive of all cultures.

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