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Maria Fernanda Gabriel Hanning

Fernanda Gabriel is the Strasbourg-based European Affairs correspondent for Radio-Televisão Portuguesa (RTP). She hosts her own weekly political show “Eurodeputados” on European issues. Previously she worked for other media including the LUSA news agency, the Lisbon daily, Diario de Noticias, RDP Radio and the English language Parliament Magazine. Fernanda Gabriel was the first woman to be President of the Strasbourg Press Club and of the Association of European Parliamentary Journalists. She has taught at Strasbourg University and other educational establishments. Ms Gabriel is also a member of the Strasbourg City and Euro-Metroplitan Councils and the first non-French national to be elected in Strasbourg under the Maastricht Treaty. She has lectured and written extensively on European issues including a book explaining the European Parliament for young readers “O Parlamento Europeu explicado aos jovens.”

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